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Our Favorite Anna Maria Island Restaurant Recommendations

Anna Maria Island Restaurant Recommendations

Welcome to Anna Maria Island! We’re thrilled to provide you with some restaurant recommendations to make your dining experience on the island truly delightful. Please note that while we can’t make reservations for you, we’ve categorized these restaurants to help you find the perfect spot for your occasion. Please make sure you call ahead to inquire about the restaurants hours and ensure they will be open during your dates of travel, as many of businesses on the island have seasonal closings each year. 

Restaurants that are Known to Accept Reservations (to the best of our knowledge):

  • Beach Bistro: Enjoy a fine dining experience with a Gulf-front view and a menu featuring fresh seafood and delectable wines.
  • SALT Bar and Table: Savor creative dishes and craft cocktails at this contemporary restaurant known for its innovative flavors.
  • Bridge Street Bistro: A waterfront gem offering American cuisine and a charming atmosphere. Ideal for special occasions.
  • Blue Marlin: Casual yet sophisticated dining with a diverse menu, featuring seafood, steaks, and more.
  • The Chateau Anna Maria: A cozy spot with a Mediterranean twist, perfect for intimate dinners and gatherings.
  • The Porch: Relax on the porch with Southern-inspired dishes and cocktails in a laid-back setting.
  • The Doctor’s Office: An intimate speakeasy-style restaurant with a unique menu and a great cocktail selection.

Restaurants on Anna Maria Island that are great for larger groups:

  • The Sandbar: A beachfront restaurant with a relaxed vibe, offering seafood and American classics.
  • The Ugly Grouper: Lively and spacious, this spot is perfect for groups looking for a fun atmosphere and great food.
  • The Beach House: Enjoy beachfront dining with a diverse menu and stunning views of the Gulf.
  • Swordfish Grill: A local favorite known for its seafood and waterfront seating.

Restaurants on Anna Maria Island that offer Beachfront or Water Views:

Intimate & Romantic Restaurants on Anna Maria Island:

Notable Favorites for Smaller Groups on Anna Maria Island:

Quick Bites and Grab-and-Go Meals on Anna Maria Island:

  • Scott’s Deli: A local favorite for delicious deli sandwiches and quick, satisfying meals.
  • Blueberries: Indulge in fresh and flavorful breakfast and lunch options at Blueberries.
  • The General Store: Offers a variety of convenience items, snacks, and ready-to-eat options for a quick meal.
  • Cheesecake Cutie:  Satisfy your sweet tooth with a delightful selection of cheesecakes and desserts.
  • Graze Street AMI: Enjoy a diverse range of delectable options from gourmet sandwiches to salads and more.
  • Pizza Social: For pizza lovers, Pizza Social is a must-visit, serving up mouthwatering pies with various toppings.
  • Poppo’s Taqueria: Experience the flavors of Mexico with a diverse menu of tacos, burritos, and more.
  • Vinny’s Italian Kitchen: Authentic Italian food, offers carry-out and most food can be ordered bake-at-home style.
  • Topsail Steamer: Seafood steam pots prepared with fresh local seafood, meat and veggies and homemade spices to take home, steam, eat and enjoy!

Favorite Breakfast Restaurants on Anna Maria Island:

Accessible by Water Surrounding Anna Maria Island:

Restaurants Just Off Anna Maria Island:

Restaurants Worth the Drive Off Anna Maria Island:

We hope you have a fantastic dining experience on Anna Maria Island! Please note that the availability of reservations may vary depending on the time of year and party size. We recommend reaching out to the restaurant directly to inquire about booking arrangements. We hope you have a fantastic dining experience on Anna Maria Island!

*Disclaimer: The information provided here is accurate as of our knowledge cutoff date in September 2023. Please verify details with the respective establishments for any potential changes.*

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