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Water Sports

YOLO Adventures

YOLO Adventures – 1-6 passengers can take this trip. We head out on our 23 Aquasport to Egmont Key. This special Island is a Florida State Park located in the mouth of Tampa Bay. Egmont is a wildlife refuge, that boasts an 1858 lighthouse and sunken Spanish forts, which is an excellent spot to find fish and splash around. The only way to get to Egmont is by boat so come out and explore with us!

Anna Maria Island Dolphin Tours – Although Egmont Key State Park is primarily a wildlife refuge, it can be a personal refuge – a place to relax and collect shells along secluded, pristine beaches. Accessible only by private boat, Egmont Key has a unique natural and cultural history, including a lighthouse that has stood since 1858.

If you want to experience the best Egmont Key snorkeling, this is the snorkeling tour for you. You will be able to see the rare lightning whelk, located at the mouth of Tampa Bay, northwest of Anna Maria Island and much more.

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